They say that home is where the heart is. This is especially true because it’s where you feel that you the belong the most because it is your own space. That home-y feel should also be experienced by the people who will visit your home or who sees your home from the outside. You must make your home very inviting because it’s a way to beckon visitors to make their experience very enjoyable and to make your home linger in their mind.

There are a lot of benefits that you can gain in making your home inviting. Not only are you making it comfortable and making it a sight for sore eyes, you as a home-owner yourself, you will make your home more inviting to you and you will more likely spend time in your own home as you should and you may never want to leave home again!


It’s very easy to make your home very inviting. It can be a little tweak in the curtain or as drastic as renovating your whole living room floor, whichever you prefer. Keep in mind that the main goal is to keep you and your visitors want to stay and enjoy in your home and not scare them away with the choices that you make. These choices –whether temporary or permanent- you make in your home will make a big difference in the way you treat and feel about your home for the coming years. According to CPL Friends, these are some of the ways where you can make your home more inviting.

Start with your entry way

The entry way and your doorway is one of the first thing that you see as you enter your home. Make your driveway or doorways appealing by keeping it clean and maintaining the bright colors of your mats. Keep it very green by putting leady plants that will enhance your doorway and not hide it entirely. You can also change your paint to a soft and bright color so it could be more appealing to the eyes.

Play with soft colors and textiles

Colors and textures can make a drastic difference in how your space looks. For instance, bright pantone colors will give the illusion that your space is wider. Also, the strategic placement of paint colors to the area where you direct your visitors will surely get their attention. Adding fun lights or just letting the natural light through, it will make your visitors feel relaxed and they would want to stay longer because of the warm colors. Also, a simple rug can make the biggest difference in your space. You can use a soft colored rug, benches, floor, pillow cases and ottomans among others.


Add fragrant flowers and candle to your home to make them more fragrant. Or if you don’t have those, you can, at the very least, just make sure that there are no bad smells inside. You can do this by opening your windows to let the air out or clean your furniture and all your display for dust.

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