Who we are?

The Friends of the Cranbrook Public Library registered in 1999 as a non-profit organization with charity status. Our mission is simple: to make a difference in the cultural and social life of Cranbrook as it relates to the Cranbrook Public Library. We are active in promoting increased library services, better facilities and more programming directed toward the needs of Cranbrook’s residents. All of our goals are designed to promote library services and the library’s involvement with the community of Cranbrook…

  • To focus attention on the library
  • To encourage the use of the library’s resources and services
  • To receive and promote gifts, endowments and bequests in aid of our goals
  • To organize community response and legislative support where needed
  • To support the freedom to read and lifelong learning accessible to all without economic barrier

The Friends of the Library are a community group that practices gentle social activism. We believe in the primacy of a public library in a healthy and progressive community. We have an unbounded faith in the future and to that end we cooperate in fund-raising and programme initiation designed to strengthen the Cranbrook Public Library. Our members are involved in volunteer work on any number of Friends of the Library projects – the annual book sale, magazine sale, Adopt-A-Magazine and other revenue generating projects.

Above all, the Friends of the Cranbrook Public Library are committed to good fellowship, fun and service. The results of our efforts fund extra book and other collection purchases, targeted programmes and special projects designed to make Cranbrook and the library better, more dynamic partners.

Take a look at what we do and join us. Build for the future with the Friends of the Library.


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